President & Founder: Karidia Friggit Konate

Vice-president: Antonio Martínez Peñaranda

Treasurer & Founder: François Friggit

Secretary: Valérie Argente

Vice-secretary: Mª Asunción Sánchez Torres

President and Founder: Karidia Friggit Konate

I was born and raised in Burkina Faso, fatherland of honest men and women. A landlocked country, raked as one of the poorest on earth. Katiou means tree of longevity, and is also my mother’s name. My mother was a “burkindi”woman,  brave and generous. It means that Katiou is inspiring my humanitarian actions. I’m not trying to change too many things in Burkina as a whole, but more to bring my grist to the mill to help my beloved country. Among the Millennium Development Goals, we’re trying to contribute on eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education, promoting gender equality and empowering women.  As of today, hundreds of children are attending our primary schools, and we are working hard to allow some of them to also access secondary education, particularly girls.

Thank you all for your support.


Vice-President: Antonio Martínez Peñaranda

I am convinced that we all want to help others. What is difficult is to find who and how. I think that participating in basic education of boys and girls of Burkina Faso fulfils these points. Our future is based on education. Contributing to education developement for boys and girls of Burkina Faso will help improving there life. For these reasons, my participation to KATIOU Foundation’s board gives me a fantastic opportunity to be involved in a humanitarian action.



Treasurer & Founder: François Friggit

During more than 25 years, I have been working in international finance, particularly in the derivatives industry. I have lived and worked in various cities : Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Paris, New York, London, and Madrid since 2005. With my wife “Kadi” and some friends we created KATIOU Foundation to build primary schools and technical training centers. This way we are contributing to Burkina Fao’s developement, making education reach remote areas. Up to now, more than 95% of our funds come from my salary. I count on you to take up the challenge. Thank you all for helping Burkina Faso.


Secretary: Valérie Argente

What do I bring ?

– I make my skills available to a common cause.

– I share my ideas with the Board to think, prepare, elaborate and create a common project in support of children.

What makes me run? The will to help a country through its youth, making education accessible and young people able to strengthen such a poor country.


Vice-Secretary: Mª Asunción Sánchez Torres

I am very much motivated by KATIOU Foundation’s pragmatic, direct and actual help to children and women, and by my strong belief that education helps improving their opportunities. I believe that one can imagine practical actions that make improving living conditions possible, even in Burkina Faso’s rural areas. Our efforts, for us working together in KATIOU Foundation, already bear fruits in women’s and children’s daily life. As a teacher, I find it very encouraging to be able to directly help children and women with my work and my time. During my stays in Burkina Faso, I received much more than I gave. I would never have expected to receive so much. I hope that even more people will join our project. Thank you all for your solidarity.