Who we are

We are a group of European and African friends, sharing a general goal : give women and children in Africa a chance. As we are a young organization, we carry out pragmatic, well-defined projects.

Kadi and François Friggit

French-burkinabe couple, they have been sponsoring for years some burkinabe  children studies. In 2009, they changed gear and offered a 3-class primary school to Pamnoghin village. Supported by their friend, they decided to make their action sustainable by creating Fundación Katiou in March 2011 in Madrid.

Why Katiou?

Let us listen to François : “Katiou is the traditional name of my mother-in-law, an exceptional woman. She lived an incredible life, full of emotions and terrible events. Nevertheless, she was always smiling and laughing, trying to help everyone by any means, often on her own expense. She died the year we build our first school. It was natural to chose her name for our Fundación. Katiou means tree-woman. Since her birth, my mother-in-law had been linked to a sacred baobab tree, the one pictured below.”