Katiou brings education to Burkina Faso

And you can help us.


We build schools and libraries

From brick and mortar, to roof and solar panels, we create the environment conducive to modern education.


So kids can have a future

For us to continue, we need you to help us.


Help us give children and women in Africa a chance


We are a group of European and African friends, sharing a general goal : give women and children in Africa a chance. As we are a young organization, we carry out pragmatic, well-defined projects.


Our main activity consists in building schools …

To start with, we have been  focusing on  building schools, as this is a huge financial investment, far from profitable. The government take care of current expenses : teachers salary, equipment, … To give an idea, building a full 3-class school costs approximately 40 000 Euros, i.e. around 33,000 £ or 53,000 US$.

… in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries on earth, located in West Africa. In 2009, most of the population ( 72.6%) was living with less than 2 US Dollars per day (source : World Bank). During the years 2000,  gross school enrollment ratio in primary improved significantly, thanks to the combined action of Burkina Faso government, international institutions and NGOs. Following this trend, son all children will be given the opportunity to go to school, at least for few years. In secondary education, everything is still to be done.

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